Atlantic Divorce Mediation


Atlantic Divorce Mediation will help you write a blueprint for a successful settlement for you and your family. Sit down with your spouse and a trained professional and work toward resolving your financial and personal conflicts. Come together with your family's concerns, and after mediating, finish financially and emotionally intact. Continue...



Collaborative law is new to New Jersey. Each party is represented by a specially trained lawyer, whose job is to work toward a mutually agreeable settlement without resorting to contested litigation.

Collaborative Divorce offers couples a humane, child-focused, and respectable approach to ending a relationship. Continue...



  • Fight each other over every dollar and detail OR work together to resolve all of your personal and financial issues...
  • Subject your children to the whims and terror of the court system OR decide as parents what is best for your children's future...
  • Pay two lawyers and experts thousands of dollars OR share your fees and save thousands of dollars...
  • Take a year or more to finish your divorce OR be finished with your divorce in a matter of months...
  • Have a Judge, who knows nothing about you or your children decide your fate OR resolve your dispute with a professional trained to guide you and your spouse to a fair, economical and long lasting resolution...



The collaborative process was excellent in enabling my ex-husband and me to achieve the equitable divorce we each wanted. Instead of two lawyers and the two of us butting heads, the four of us worked together (for the most part) to achieve a fair division of our assets. My Ex and I came out of the process still able to talk to one another. Thank you, Joanne!
J. B. 2015

The divorce process was painful enough but I believe that the collaborative route helped guide me through it and I was able process my emotions at the same time.
C.P. 2015

Going through the process of divorce is never an easy mind set to deal with no matter how long you have been married, but after meeting with Joanne I knew that she would make that transition a smooth and beneficial one. I truly felt that she valued my thoughts and opinions but at the same time she protected me and my best interests. I always knew that she was a call or email away if I ever had any questions or concerns. At the end of the whole process I am happy that she was the one that represented me and put my mind at ease during a difficult time in my life. Such a pleasure to deal with I must say !!!
M.Sharif 2015

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Atlantic Divorce Mediation
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Atlantic Divorce Mediation

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Tel. (732) 741-7776